Our values

Our great working environment and the values and behaviours of every individual and team in the Council, help to evolve the culture of our organisation to become more commercial, innovative and embracing of change.

Successful applicants to our career opportunities will be able to demonstrate they share the values and behaviours we seek in our organisation.

Our Vision

Working together to make a great place to live, work and enjoy.

Our Values

Making a difference, doing the right thing, being bold and confident.

Our Behaviours

We demonstrate our values by being positive, supportive, flexible, and innovative in how we work.

Positive: I maintain a “can do” attitude and a smile

  • Create an encouraging and optimistic environment and bring others with me
  • Approach others in a pleasant, happy and upbeat manner
  • Maintain enthusiasm in difficult times
  • Demonstrate commitment to my own service and to the Council
  • Demonstrate an “I care” attitude

Supportive: I create an environment where the people I work with feel valued and respected and have confidence to develop

  • Understand the council’s priorities and work towards a common goal
  • Work across boundaries to develop relationships, share information and keep others informed
  • Listen to the views of others allowing the best way forward to be found
  • Communicate in a courteous and respectful manner
  • Behave in ways that promote the fair and equal treatment of all

Flexible: Adapting the way I work, I can deal confidently with change and accept new and different ideas and approaches

  • Accept that change is an integral part of working at Reigate & Banstead
  • Demonstrate an open mind to new ideas and proposals
  • Display a willingness to do things differently
  • View change in working practices as an opportunity for improving and developing
  • Adopt a flexible approach to meet the team’s requirements

Innovative: I work to develop new ideas and workable solutions to drive the Council forward

  • Question currently accepted ways of doing things
  • Implement good ideas, learn from others, both internally and externally
  • Identify novel ways of resolving issues using own initiative
  • Suggest and try out new approaches
  • Challenge the status quo in a constructive way